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When helping get someone out of trouble can get you into it: California’s Good Samaritan laws might now offer the protection you think they do

Known as Good Samaritans, people who go out of their way to help others in times of dire need without any expectation of personal gain …

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You should delay signing a release and letting the other parties insurance company off the hook until your injuries are known and treated

These days, driving in California is more dangerous than ever. The number of accidents has grown steadily, and with it the number of back injuries …

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Where liability falls when a motorist hits a jaywalker is a question best answered by a skilled lawyer

We all know that jaywalking is whenever a person illegally crosses a street outside of a designated crosswalk. We see this literally every day in …

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Marijuana may not only increase the risk of a car crash, but also increase the difficulty in proving a case against someone under it’s influence who causes that accident (versus someone who was drunk)

There is conflicting information in the medical and scientific literature regarding the use of cannabis and an increase in car accidents. Some studies show a …

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Dog bites: Will biting dog be quarantined or euthanized?

Most people view dogs as family members. We nurture our dogs with lots of love and care. However, some dog owners neglect or abuse their …

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Wrongful death claims can be as difficult to prove as they are to live with the after effects

No one wants to experience the death of someone they know or love. When you have, you might find some respite through the legal system …

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