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Whiplash: Symptoms and Treatment

One of the most common injuries in a car accidents is whiplash. Whiplash is a neck injury that occurs when one’s neck is quickly thrown backward then forward by a strong and sudden force. Whiplash is typically suffered when a driver or occupant is rear ended by another vehicle. Whiplashes can occur even when the colliding vehicle is not travelling at a high speed. This injury can be rather painful, require extensive medical treatment, and result in lost income. The experienced attorneys at Slatter Law Firm will aggressively fight to recover the maximum compensation for your injuries.

Whiplash is also generally named a neck sprain or strain. The motion of your neck being thrown back and forward causes injury to the spine, ligaments, nerves, and other neck tissues. The severity of the injury depends on several factors, including the victim’s age; pre-existing medical conditions, such as prior whiplash, neck or lower back pain; and the speed of the colliding vehicle.
Symptoms for whiplash include neck pain and stiffness, headaches, fatigue, numbness in the arms, blurred vision, trouble concentrating, difficulty with memory, shoulder and back pain, loss of range of motion in the neck, and ringing in your ears. Whiplash victims typically suffer these symptoms in the days following the accident. If you experience any of these symptoms, you should seek immediate medical attention. Immediate medical attention is necessary to identify any broken bones or other damage that may worsen your symptoms.
Medical treatment depends on the severity of the whiplash. Generally, the goal of treatment is to restore range of motion in your neck, reduce pain, and restore your ability to perform daily functions. Mild whiplash is treated with over-the-counter painkillers and home care, such as rest, applying heat or ice to the neck, and performing recommended stretching and exercises. Severe and ongoing whiplash requires physical therapy, prescription painkillers, and a foam collar. Although many people recover from whiplash in several months, other experience long-term or chronic issues.
California entitles whiplash victims, who were injured by another person’s negligence, to be compensated for past and future medical treatment, lost income, and pain and suffering. In order to recover full compensation for your injuries, you should do the following: (1) obtain immediate medical treatment; (2) comply with your treatment plan; (3) file a claim with your insurance company; (4) preserve all correspondence, including letters from your insurance company and the other driver’s insurance company; and (4) retain an experienced whiplash attorney.

Cases involving whiplash from a car accident are governed by the laws of negligence. The law requires drivers to be attentive and exercise care so as to prevent harm to other drivers. If they fail to do so, they will be at-fault for your injuries. For rear-end accidents, the vehicle causing the rear-end collision is typically at-fault. However, your whiplash attorney will conduct a thorough investigation, including obtaining police reports, witness statements, and medical records, to establish fault and maximize compensation for your injuries.

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