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Nerve Injuries

Sadly, over twenty million people suffer from nerve damage in the United States. Nerve damage is commonly caused by car accidents and slip and falls. In fact, over forty percent of those with nerve damage suffered this damage in a car accident. The extent of nerve damage from traumatic accidents and falls vary. The most severe cases of nerve damage result in long-term and even permanent issues that drastically alter quality of life. Regardless of severity, nerve damage can clearly result in substantial medical bills and lost income. The experienced attorneys at Slatter Law Firm will aggressively fight to recover the maximum compensation for your injuries.
Peripheral nerves are a vital part of the nervous symptom. These nerves communicate messages from the brain to the rest of the body, allowing muscle movement and sending sensory information to the nervous system. In car accidents, nerves are damaged when compressed, stretched, or cut based on the blunt force of the accident. For example, in rear-end accidents, whiplash often results in nerve damage because nerves are stretched when the neck is thrown back and forward. Additionally, if your arms, legs, or other body parts are struck in the accident, nerves may compress and be damaged. Nerves are similarly damaged in serious slip and falls. Nerve damage impacts your body’s ability to talk to your muscles and organs, and therefore, can be painful and debilitating.
Symptoms of nerve damage vary based on the type of nerve fibers impacted. They can range from mild to severe. Below are typical symptoms based on the type of nerve fiber impacted.
Motor nerves regulate the muscles involved in walking, talking, and holding. Symptoms for damage to these nerves are muscle weakness, painful cramps, and twitching.
Sensory nerves communicate information regarding touch, pain, and temperature. Symptoms for damage to these nerves are pain, tingling in the hands or feet, sensitivity, difficulty with positional awareness, and difficulty sensing changes in temperature.
Autonomic nerves regulate various activities, including breathing, digestion, heart function, and thyroid function. Symptoms for damage to these nerves are excessive sweating, changes in blood pressure, dizziness, fainting, and intolerance to heat
Nerve injuries typically affect more than one nerve fiber. As such, you may experience a wide range of symptoms. If you experience the above symptoms, you should seek immediate medical attention. In order to prevent worsening of symptoms or permanent damage, nerve damage must be treated early.
Treatment for nerve damage depends on the severity of injury. The goal of treatment is to reduce pain and restore function. Generally, if your nerve is not severed, it will likely heal. Your physician will likely recommend physical therapy, electrical stimulation, and a brace or splint to restore muscle function. If the nerve damage is severe, surgery may be necessary. However, some nerve damage is so severe that it tragically results in permanent disability in the affected body part.
Nerve damage clearly results in lengthy medical treatment, large medical expenses, and lost income. Regardless of the severity, nerve damage can be painful and particularly traumatic in cases of permanent disability. This is but another reason to retain an experienced nerve damage attorney, who will fight to recover compensation for your medical expenses, lost income, and pain and suffering.

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