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Head-On Collisions

There are many different types of car accidents. One of the most common accidents is a head-on collision, which occurs when the front on a vehicle strikes the front of another vehicle. These accidents often occur when a vehicle is driving on the wrong side of the highway or road. Due to their high impact nature, head-on collisions can result in devastating injuries that dramatically change your quality of life. In fact, head-on collisions account for over ten percent of all fatal accidents. Head-on collisions can clearly result in substantial medical bills, lost income, disability, death, and pain and suffering. The experienced attorneys at Slatter Law Firm will aggressively fight to recover the maximum compensation for your injuries.

Head-on collisions generally occur on two-way roads or highways and where car passing happens. These accidents are generally the result of drivers’ negligence. Head-on collisions often occur when a car moves out of its lane and into oncoming traffic, or when a vehicle incorrectly turns onto a one-way street. In fact, according to the National Traffic Safety Board, head-on collisions are most commonly caused by wrong way driving. Below is a description of the common factors for these accidents.

Driving at a speed greater than the speed limit poses a risk of a head-on collision. Speeding often results in a loss of control of the car, which may veer into oncoming traffic. The high speed combined with the high impact of a head-on collision may result in significant injuries and death.

Inattention or distraction from the act of driving can cause a head-on collision. Drivers often become distracted by texting or checking phone applications while driving. Other driving distractions include reaching for objects in the vehicle, eating, adjusting entertainment systems, and grooming. In order to prevent these accidents, drivers should avoid using their phone while driving or engage in the above activities

Many drivers experience fatigue due to poor sleep, long work hours, and/or strenuous physical activities. This fatigue impairs driving ability by reducing reaction time and awareness of surroundings. Fatigue is therefore a common cause for head-on collisions.

Poor weather conditions, such as rain, fog, snow, can reduce visibility and create slick or slippery roads. These conditions can cause drivers to lose control of the vehicle and veer into oncoming traffic. Road conditions, including potholes, debris, and poor lighting, and faded traffic lanes, can also cause these accidents.

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is one of the most common causes for head-on collisions. Similar to driver fatigue, intoxication substantially impairs driving ability. In fact, intoxicated driving is the leading cause for fatal crashes.

Chain reaction or multiple vehicle accidents are another common cause for head-on collisions. In a multiple vehicle accident, the chain reaction of the accident can cause vehicles to suddenly veer into oncoming traffic.

Head-on collisions are governed by the laws of negligence. The law requires drivers to use reasonable care when driving, which requires them to be attentive and obey all traffic rules. If a driver engages in the above driving behavior and that behavior causes your accident, that driver will likely be at-fault for your injuries. However, many accidents are the result of the negligence of multiple drivers. In these cases, any recovery of compensation is reduced by your percentage of fault. Therefore, it is important that you hire an experienced accident attorney, who will investigate all of the circumstances surrounding your accident to maximize your compensation for your injuries.

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